Friday, September 20, 2013

Stick to the plan!

Yesterday, I had to have eaten the worst food ever. I was going to make my chicken curry salad with fig and cashews and wrap it in lettuce of bread, when my sister came by and said let's go out for lunch. So, because we only eat halal meat and she is trying to eat paleo, we needed to find a Zabiha place to eat meat. Saw some reviews for a new place and went there. I ordered a beef shawarma plate (didnt want bread, so no sandwich) with a side of greek salad and grape leaves. Well, the "chicken" they gave me was not shawarma either but just pieces of unseasoned roasted chicken. It had soggy skin and slimy fat on it. The greek salad consisted to some lettuce with 2 olives and bottled Italian dressing. It was a waste of calories and money. The only thing edible was the piece of pita on the side (that I didnt want) Well there goes paleo for yesterday.

When I complained on the site where this establishment was recommended, everyone  got upset and went on how delicious it was. Maybe I just watch too much food network (against my will, the husband always puts it on) and too much Restaurant Impossible has taught me what is not acceptable from a restaurant. Or maybe my taste buds are too elevated for that stuff. I mean bottled salad dressing (gasp!)

Right now I am making my cashew chicken for a picnic at the park with the kids. I can't have curry powder because of the salicylate and I was already sick two days ago. I don't want to push it. I'll figure out another flavor for it and pictures will be posted tonight after my piano lesson (:

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