Thursday, October 30, 2014

Come Follow me

Since my lifestyle has drastically changed since I began Music and Marathons, the one main thing, I no longer aspire to ever do another marathon. In fact, I am not inclined to do any kind of distance running. However, I am still into nutrition and a healthy lifestyle incorporating Paleo principles.  I think I needed to change the name of my blog since it has nothing to do with marathons.
Come follow me and

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm Back!

     So, I haven't blogged in a long while. Basically, I was accepted into my dietetic internship. So, this is a program that I have to do for almost a year (after graduating with my nutrition degree) in order to be able to sit for the exam to become a Registered Dietitian. It is actually a very competitive program and it takes a lot of dedication to just get accepted into a program. I started my internship officially in July. We have three main sections in the internship; food service, clinical and community. I just finished my food service which was spent in the kitchens of schools and a hospital, learning all the ins and outs of running a kitchen, food safety health codes, creating and preparing recipes for food service, management etc. It was not my favorite, but overall it was a good experience.
     I am now in my clinical rotation, which I really thought would be my niche, because I am really into the science and research of nutrition. Well, we don't really get much of that in clinical like I thought. So, I better really like my community rotation (will be spending that time at WIC) or I kinda have been wasting the past 5 years of my life.....I just started clinical so I will give it more of a chance, since last week I was just learning where things are and how to use their computer system.
     Anyway, I have spent the last few months really trying to create a nutrient dense diet based on paleo principles. I make bone broth a lot, organ meats, my garden was a huge success. Here's a pic from my Heirloom tomatoes on my new kitchen counter....
     Oh one new thing is I bought cod liver oil and I make myself and the kids eat it a few times a week. My daughter will not eat liver, I want her to get some of the benefits plus we need the omega 3s, especially with salicylate intolerance. I tried and tried to bring seafood into our diet and with the exception of World Planet tuna, we all hate it. I just can't. I do buy wild caught sardines in olive oil and we eat those from time to time, but when I spend the $17 on a wild caught salmon and no one eats it and we give the rest to the dogs....I just don't want to do that anymore. Anyway my dog has been eating really healthy (: She gets all the leftovers. The cod liver oil is exactly what you think it would be. It's a big spoon of fish! (my dog is getting this too and loves it) But when you just quickly swallow and then drink water it's not so horrible.
   I will admit, I am not strict paleo. At the schools and the hospitals, I eat for free as a nutrition employee and it is not a paleo friendly atmosphere. Especially, when I have to restrict my meat to halal...However, I believe that eating wheat gives me horrible heart burn and I have started to have that since I've been eating it at work. I don't buy it at home but eating this way once a day is not working. I'm gonna have to just bring my food or not take lunch at work. Socially, I don't know how that's gonna play out.
     I am on fall break now and I really miss my old life of just cooking and cleaning and exercising and taking the kids around. Next week its back to doing all of that plus getting up and leaving by 6:20 and going to the internship 5 days a week for 8 hours. But this is what I wanted so now I have it.
Speaking of fall break I love the fall and the pumpkins. I have a roasted pumpkin that I am going to try and make some paleo recipes from. I want to try the smoothies, hot drinks and custards. So, maybe I'll post some recipes tomorrow.