I decided that running a marathon was something I had to to in 2011. I was in school and didn't find the time. Last year, I announced on facebook  that I was going to do it. So, now that I said it out loud, I had to. I signed up for the Colfax Marathon 2013.

 I was sure that because I ran 7 whole miles that I was now a runner. Yeah, not. I trained for 20 weeks. I followed a training schedule I found on Easy, right? All I had to do was follow this schedule, suck it up and run, and I would be ready. NOT. I got some kind of respiratory infection 2 weeks before race day. I don't know if the stress of training brought it on, but basically I couldn't breath. By marathon day, I still couldn't breath. I ran 26.2 miles and I couldn't cry from the pain, because I wouldn't be able to breath at the same time.
However, at first I was feeling great. I even took the time to take pictures of all the mile markers.

By mile 12,  I completely gave up. The group I was running with disappeared and I had more than half way to go. Also, because I hadn't lost the 20 pounds I wanted to lose I felt like that extra weight slowed me down big time. I was done. My husband was supposed to run the last 10 miles with me ( the Urban 10 miler). I called him and told him I wasn't going to make it and he met me at mile 12 and ran the rest of the way with me. Yelling at me to keep going. I told him to shut the hell up and leave me alone. (I apologized later, he was trying to help, I know that now) He wasn't prepared and lost a toe nail, but he survived.
 (My headband says" If found collapsed, drag across finish line")
 When I got to the finish line I found a place to lie down and collapsed.

 I know, not the most attractive photo out there. But, I need it to remind myself of the reality.
It took me 6 hours and I was hacking up my lungs. I told my family members who were there waiting that running a marathon is horrible and never to do it. Until 2 hours later, when I decided I was doing it again.

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