Thursday, September 12, 2013

New fruit

Yesterday when I was looking for figs, I came across dragon fruit. My daughter told me that she had it when we were in Cancun and it was really good.

It looks really pretty, but it had absolutely no flavor. It was awful and became compost. It probably did taste better in Cancun, because it was fresh. Sometimes a watermelon has no flavor or a mango is so fibrous and sour, so I won't judge all dragon fruits based on this one. I probably will though, because I don't plan on buying it again.

Its raining like crazy out there. I don't have any training at the gym today. I was thinking should I run or should I swim. The rain doesn't make me want to get out and do anything. I'd like to do yoga, but the yoga class is at a time I can't make. Maybe, I'll put together my own yoga routine and do some jogging and then some yoga.
 I like classes better because it makes me hold the pose past the point that I want to stop. My husband and I were just talking about this. In our group training class we will let the trainer push us but alone as soon as something is uncomfortable we stop. Therefore, training gives better results.
That's why marathon training is so hard alone. You have to make yourself get in those miles and then on race day, no one cares if you don't finish but you. That's why Ali had to jump in the marathon with me and yell at me to finish it. Because, by myself, I was like this hurts and I want to stop.

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