Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rain and more rain

This is Lake Dillon. Water is beautiful when it is in the right place. Actually, the rain is really beautiful. This morning, I did and 4 mile walk with Jessie, my 4 year old German Shepherd. I decided on Sunday I won't work out hard but I can't do nothing. Everything looked gorgeous after the rain. Usually its desert dry here.

Okay, down to business. It wasn't raining this morning so I could go out the garden and get my parsley and green onions for  Ghormeh Sabzi. This is a famous Iranian food. It's super easy to make but time consuming. For people who have never eaten this type of food it may look weird. It's a stew and its made from greens, and that's not a look we are used to. But, if made correctly it taste really good.

Ghormeh Sabzi
Servings: one big old pot, can be for 8 people or just for 1

8 bunches parsley
4 bunches green onions
1 bunch spinach
a bottle of light olive oil or a jar of ghee
4-5 dried lemons
1 can kidney beans (large or small depending on if you like them)
1 # stew meat (lamb or beef, boneless cut into small cubes)

  • Remove the stems from your parsley ( I picked mine from the garden so it wasn't as easy to cut off the stems and it took forever. 
  •  Chop everything in the food processor. I always do green onions and parsley separate, I don't know if it makes a difference. 
  • Then fry all the vegetables. Just fill your large pan up with the oil or ghee to generously cover the surface (not a deep fry, but be generous with the oil). Salt to taste.
  • Add oil to large dutch oven and brown your meat in it. Salt the meat. ( I like to salt during the cooking process)
  • Add water to fill 3/4 of the pot. 
  • Add the vegetables after you fry each batch to the pot
  • poke holes in the dried lemons with a knife, or those little things you use to hold corn on the cobs, and add to pot.
  • Now the most important step, cook for 4-6 hours. Put the pot on high heat to bring to a boil.
  • Once boiling reduce to medium heat. Stir frequently. (if you must step out for an hour or 2 reduce to a low heat) you can add the can of red kidney beans now. (I used canned and not dry, because kidney beans take forever to cook and if they are not cooked through they are actual toxic (one of the reasons they are not paleo)
  • When the water is almost boiled away, which can be a few hours depending how big your pot is (if its boiled away after an hour or 2 add more water, the veggies and meat need to cook) put it on low and put the lid on.
  • Let it just simmer until you are ready to eat with Basmati rice or without.
  • It taste even better the next day (make sure you store in the fridge (food safety 101)
Simmering after 2 hours and it boiled down fast so I added more water

Finished product

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