Wednesday, September 11, 2013

After boot camp

I have my boot camp class on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 am. I never get ready early enough to eat beforehand. So when I came home, I was in the mood for the chocolate smoothie I had on my schedule for a light meal. It is a paleo smoothie and the recipe is from my Eat Like a Dinosaur cook book. (website). You may be able to find the recipe off their website above.

Its unsweetened almond milk, (in the recipe it may have been coconut milk), banana, cocoa powder, a little crushed ice, and get this avocado. I tried this just to see how avocado taste in a smoothie. It actually is really good. The sweetness is from the banana, which is awesome post workout. The only thing missing here is protein. I have some scrambled eggs that I made for the hubs but he didn't come home after his work out to eat, so I'm reheating those to eat. Oh, and as a side note, I'm reheating them in the oven, because my microwave isn't working!! I had to thaw out my chicken for today last night in the fridge. Good thing I thought ahead. Oh my God, what a disaster. First world problem, right?

Another good thing is I found fresh figs (yay!) I can make my fig and mint chicken from the greek cook book. I got another what do they call them, crate? another crate of figs, just to eat by themselves as a snack. I love fresh figs. I wish we had a fig tree round here in Colorado.

My daughter started violin lessons and wants her book displayed on my site (:

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