Sunday, September 8, 2013


I am working on outlining my diet plan, but in the mean time I am going to stick to the basics, i.e. protein and vegetables. I fried an egg and sliced a cucumber and then I made coffee and used almond milk instead of cream. It was gross so I didn't drink it. I'm not a coffee person, but when I drink it, I want heavy whipping cream.
This is why I am struggling with choosing the Paleo lifestyle. I have read the books by Dr. Loren Cordain. What I like about his books is all the scientific references he includes. He doesn't say anything without backing it up with research. And as a scientist, I love that. However, I do not want to stop eating cheese and cream, grains or beans. I just don't want to.
Than being said. My kids always want cookies and cakes.(recipes) For a while I have had a recipe of cookies that I thought was pretty healthy. It uses either whole grain pastry flour, or to go grain free rice flour and almond flour, applesauce, flax seeds, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. The applesauce and chocolate are sweet enough that I don't add any sugar. My kids love it. I also make some cupcakes that I based on some paleo recipes I've come across but I've changed them up because I couldn't find coconut flour and just using almond flour, I think, makes them gross.

I made the cupcakes this morning because I was up early and what I like about these cupcakes is they are made with a lot of eggs, for protein. I used almond flour, so healthy fats and protein. I used dates and honey to sweeten. Now, I know that sugar is sugar no matter the source; however, dates have other nutrients, so there is some added benefit. I used 15 dates and 1/4 cup honey. Split that between 24 cupcakes and the sugar is way lower than a traditional recipe of 2 cups of white sugar.
My 8 year old daughter helping to stir

Making these things is messy

I was using the cook book to make a paleo-ish frosting. It looked too involved, so I just melted chocolate chips and made holes in the cupcake/muffins (frosting makes a cupcake, right?) and put the melting chocolate inside them.

They look so pretty
There. My kids can eat something sweet and I don't have to feel bad about filling them with empty calories. (:

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