Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Phone

It seems most days my phone is nothing more but a source for my husband's one word text messages: Hungry, Food?, busy, or 3 words: Will be late, On my way etc. So my data wasn't working, and as you know with an iPhone, data is the whole point. Who even makes calls? So, if I didn't have my phone for 2 days who cares. Well, while my phone is getting fixed it seems like everyone is calling me. I get it back with a ton of missed calls and texts. And what's funny instead of them thinking, she must not have her phone, they think I am purposely not answering.
So annoying, it was nice without a phone. Today I got my husband's usual romantic text messages of. Hungry, Food?
On a nicer note,
I am making progress with my music. I am ready to move on to the left hand. I can play Minuet in my beginning classical music book (yay!). The notes are coming back to me. But, I never felt as strong with the left hand, and that is not coming to me as fast as the right did.

And on the note about my food, I wasn't so happy about it today. I was really busy and rushed all day, so simple was needed, but my heirloom tomato was a little soggy and I didn't have a chance to actually sit down and eat my food. I ate very rushed. I think attitude can ruin a meal more than the quality of the food.

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