Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Music Time

This morning I got up early and had a breakfast of eggs with cheese, coffee with milk and a some peach.
I went to a late morning yoga class, because there's no boot camp today. After all the boot camp, body pump, rpm, running, swimming; yoga felt so good. I have to do it once a week at least. I do about 10 minutes of yoga everyday, but the one hour class is so necessary. I'm now debating on whether I will clean my house or ride my bike, while my son and daughter are both at school. Leaning towards not cleaning. The laundry's not going anywhere but good weather will be gone soon.

I decided I need to practice piano every night at 7:00 pm. If I set a time I will do it. I'm still working on learning my left hand as well as my right and then improving my speed. Its like, once I look at the notes and I know them I struggle to make the connection to my hands. No wonder this stuff helps kids do well in math. It make my brain hurt though.

I'm working on playing Minuet By J.S. Bach. Have a look at this kid, who plays better than me (: He's super cute. Link below

3 year old playing Bach

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