Friday, September 13, 2013

Food Diary

Had my 8 am group training. It was a killer, than I went swimming for half and hour and tried to loosen up in the hot tub for a few minutes. I wanted to stay at the gym until 10:00 because then DSW opens and I am looking for rain boots. If you didn't know here in Colorado we are flooding. They didn't have rain boots ( cute ones online though) because we are usually in snow or a drought (: By the time my online boots get here it will either be 95 degrees or snowing. I'm not joking. In Colorado,both are an equal possibility.
Ok, so to be accountable for what I eat, I need a food diary. Not a calorie counter though. I am going to take a picture of everything I eat and then post it.
Here was breakfast. 1 tsp of honey was in the tea so thats why the bottle of honey is there, I didn't eat the whole bottle. I also had 4 grapes and 2 chips (yes only 2, I didn't even want them but my hand reaches unconsciously, than I stopped myself)  that didn't make the picture.

2 scrambled eggs, hot sauce, green tea/1 tsp honey (ate half the banana)
I worked super hard at the gym, which is too early for me to eat and honestly if I did, I 'm afraid of throwing up due to how hard she works us. I don't eat before class because, I'm also not hungry. I recently read an article that backed up what I already know and that is "don't eat if you're not hungry". You really don't have to constantly eat just in fear of feeling hunger ( a normal physiological occurrence). The premise is that if you feel hungry you will gorge when you have food.  If you always worry about keeping your stomach full, when can you're body burn fat?
 2013 Sep 4. [Epub ahead of print]

Belief beyond the evidence: using the proposed effect of breakfaston obesity to show 2 practices that distort scientific evidence.

The above article basically says that the relation between obesity and skipping breakfast has never been proven to be casual.  So there has been research comparing the habit of eating breakfast to obesity but other research has shown weightloss with skipping breakfast and not a huge gorge fest at lunch time. 
My take away is if you're not hungry in the early a.m. , then why force it?
I do believe its important to have your food ready when your hungry so you won't eat junk at the fridge and then eat your meal when your not hungry anymore. That's what I'm trying to achieve with my weekly meal plan. 

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