Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beautiful and sunny again

It's sunny again. So today we are going to BBQ. Today is meat day so we are going to have lamb tenderloin. It really is the best after lamb chops. I'll do it with a salad from the garden.

Menu for the rest of the week (days not necessarily in order)
  •  Ghormeh Sabzi leftovers
  • Lamb Kabob (Meat day)
  • Tomato Bisque and stuffed mushrooms (ate too many leftovers last week and didn't get to the mushrooms) (Soup/Stew day)
  • Zereshk Polo (Persian food day)
  • Curried chicken salad with figs and cashews (how good does that sound?)This is main dish salad and explore the world in one
  • Meat balls on spaghetti squash (simple day, because I have spaghetti squash cooked and frozen)
  • Free Day
What I learned last week was snacks/light meals need to be simple. I really don't have time to cook a fancy snack when I am cooking a big meal.They should be foods I have on hand. I have hummus, yogurt dip, and celery on hand. I should cook some chicken breast in bulk on the weekend so I have an easy protein to eat with the light meals, otherwise hard boiled eggs are fast and easy. I boil about 4 at a time and then put them in the fridge and can have them with my fast plates i.e. tomato, olives, hummus, cucumbers.

I learned that I don't like beef stew. I was mad that my husband and kids didn't like it, but honestly I could stand a little more flavor and I don't like thickening stews with arrowroot powder. That was revolting.
Also I don't need 7 meals planned. A lot of times I have leftovers which we have the next day and I don't need to cook. The Ghormeh Sabzi from last weeks menu is what we had for Monday.
I did RPM this morning, that's a cycling class. It is a class I love to hate. Then I walked 2 miles and then did yoga stretching. When I got home I had breakfast/lunch which is something quick because I have to make my son lunch and then take him to kindergarten. I had a Mueller yogurt. They are pretty good. I think the girl in the commercial is way to excited about yogurt, but they are still alright. Then I had a banana (perfect after a workout) with 1/2 tbsp sunflower seed butter (surprisingly good).

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