Tuesday, September 24, 2013


On Tuesday, I do my RPM class. It is a Les Mills cycle class and its really hard and I hated it so much to the point that I am now addicted. When I do RPM it really makes me consider doing a triathlon. I worked out really hard in my weight class yesterday. So sore. Craving protein.
So for breakfast I had eggs with a beef strip and some slices of apple. I can never eat a full apple in the early morning, so I just slice one up and we all take a few. Why stretch my stomach anymore than it wants to be. I tried black coffee (because I'm trying to see if I can go paleo and give up cream...no) It's not that bad. I've already been drinking it without sugar so without cream isn't that much of a step. I actually don't drink coffee to wake up. I drink it just because I like the house to fill with a coffee house aroma. It reminds me of the first time I was in college, when I was young. (:
I have to drink decaf because coffee is high in salicylic acid and when they decaffeinate it, the salicylate is stripped out as well.
One time I was drinking coffee everyday (just signed up for Gevalia) and I started getting horrible headaches. They lasted for a few weeks. I was about to go to the doctor. Then I read on the salicylate sensitivity website that coffee is very high in salicylate. It didn't give me the usual stomach ache (the doubling over pain) but it made me nauseous and gave me a killer headache.
From then on I drank decaf and was fine.

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