Friday, October 18, 2013

Sticking to a Paleo Plan and Socializing!

So here is my deal. When I am home I can come up with my menus and I can even stick to them. But there is a big problem with social events, going to the movies, Halloween candy all over the place, etc. Last week I saw a movie with my husband and we wanted to get some junk to eat but we didn't want to get candy or popcorn so we got nothing. I had some pumpkin seeds in my purse so we ate those and it worked out. This can work with my husband who is trying to lose weight and give up junk food himself. But what about the kids birthday parties, my son wanted to go out to pizza for his birthday, my friends saying lets get something to eat or get coffee? I feel like I have no friends and all I do is clean my house, but when I'm thinking food sabotage there are actually a lot of occasions for this.

I need some kind of plan for eating out and socializing. So just get a chicken breast ceasar salad, all restaurants have that right? Well, I'm Muslim and I only eat Zabiha/Halaal meat; therefore, I can't eat the meat at most restaurants. The choices are then, pasta, cheese, seafood ( I cannot stand seafood), so all the foods that will not allow me to lose weight. Then coffee shops are the tempting sugar-laden coffee drinks, the cakes, the muffins, the pumpkin spiced lattee and salted caramel chocolate. But I need to resist, so I will have pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds to have instead of popcorn as a snack, I will order tea without sugar at coffee shops and pass on the cakes and pastries, and say "No, thanks. I'm good" when offered. I will eat my protein and veggie filled dinner before I go out.
I'm trying to socialize in active ways, instead of always going out to eat. The problem is none of my friends want to do active things. I wanted to go to Extreme Challenge with a group of friends and none of them want to do it. They complain about cost or they just don't want the activity. I had to go with my kids, which was really fun, but I think a girls' night would be awesome. I wanted to try rock climbing and no one will do that either. I need more active friends (: And these are the skinny freaks who refuse all activity....
On the topic of Extreme Challenge, it is a place where you hang from harnesses and play games and compete or just mess around. For example, my husband and I both hung from harnesses and we played tug of war, where we had to pull each other off of the platform we were each standing on. And then we both are pulled up into the air. It was really fun and I was sweating and out of breath. It's a good workout. I would love to work out that way more often. However, I was exhausted after and hour, where as the kids played a second hour. It does make me feel old (:

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