Friday, October 11, 2013


This was my favorite song to run to today!

So I don't have boot camp this month because they couldn't get the required number of participants to run the class. That being said, I now have no idea what to do at the gym on Wednesday and Friday. Today I thought, let me run. I won't start training until January but with all the RPM and circuit training and strength, I've let running go. I should be running 5 miles on a regular basis. So I did 3 miles and it made me realize why I love to run (: Even though the longer distances make me hate it so so much. Ill do 4 for next time, probably on wednesday and then 4.5 and then 5. I am working on running faster. I think I didn't push myself with speed at all last time and I need to do that. I am thinking of joining a running group. I am too shy for it, but maybe I should get over that and just go to a group of strangers who all seem to know each other and nobody knows me.
I'm still painting. Yesterday I put the tape up. I hated that so much. Today I am going to paint that wall. I hope I'm done by Saturday.

I finally worked out about 3 meals to make. I think that's a better plan for me. Get about 3-4 meals planned and go shopping for them, and then I won't have to worry about totally having no taste for something when it's time to make it because I wouldn't have planned to far out.

So my first meal was chicken cutlet flavored with lime and dill. Then I made a sauce out of caramelizing pears, garlic and onion with a balsamic reduction. (that sounded fancy, I just poured balsamic vinegar in the pan and let it thicken. ) I then cut some pieces of Brie cheese and put it on the chicken and let it melt. It was really good.
I laid it on a bed of greens and Voila!
So tonight I'm making beef chili with guacomole, and a pineapple mango salsa. I will make tortillas for the kids but I will abstain from them myself :(

Next will be KooKoo sabzi. Its made with greens and eggs like a cheeseless, porkless quiche. Its semi-vegetarian. I like to have a non-meat based meal once a week. I just get sick of meat everyday, which I know is not paleo but what can I do.

Between painting and cooking, I hope to come up with more recipes for the next 3 days. I made an apple pie, because its fall and I wanted to cook apples. I googled Paleo apple pie and got one from 
Elana's Pantry.
I doesn't have much sugar in it, like 1 tablespoon. It was a little dry so I want to come up with a way to improve that, but for a healthier version of apple pie, it was pretty good. My husband liked it and ate it all. 

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