Sunday, October 20, 2013


TA DA!! I just decided to go into the Good Will yesterday. I sometimes do that just to see if there is anything interesting. Oh and since I just finished painting my living room, I decided that it needs new furniture, which we aren't going to buy right now. I thought I might be able to find a nice coffee table that I can refinish at the thrift store. Anyway, they didn't have coffee tables but as I was leaving I saw this piano for 99$!!! Two of the keys were stuck and I almost walked away. Then I pulled out my cell phone and googled how to fix "stuck" keys. I found this website. It said that something like a coin, stuck between the keys, could be the culprit. I found 2 quarters stuck between the keys that didn't work. So I guess it only cost be $98.50 (:
I spent this morning cleaning it and polishing the wood. It appears to work perfectly. I am so excited.

I had to bribe my brother-in-law with dinner to help move the piano out of the truck and into the house. These are the beets from my garden. Golden and Red. They are gorgeous. I sliced them and then added salt and pepper. I drizzled balsamic vinegar (a lot actually, more like dumped) and olive oil and then I roasted them at 400 degrees, maybe for 20 minutes. When they were done I sprinkled goat cheese on them. They tasted delish.

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