Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Soaking Grains

I would like to go Paleo, but I do miss grains. With some trial and error, I do agree that wheat does irritate my gut :( Also, I have done some reading (link) on how sugar and wheat disrupt the body's bacteria balance. Here is an easy to read news article that talks a little about stomach bacteria and celiac (it says having more exposure to bacteria strengthens the immune system and may protect against allergies and autoimmune disorders).
I am in need of snacks for travel, and Paleo snacks are hard to take. #1 My husband asked me to make him something with bread, regardless if I agree in eating bread or not. #2 My kids want their old, unhealthy, gut killing snacks. I decided to go gluten free for the kids (husband can have his bread). I got them those almond/rice crackers they are selling now, which actually taste good. I got some raisins and nuts, which are yuck. I want to make some sandwiches and wraps but I don't like the gluten free bread. I found some teff wraps at the store. They have a little more substance than the other gluten free brands I've seen. It became softer when warmed and tasted like a regular wrap. Not exactly but good enough.
I decided to do a little paleo research about teff. This is a seed and it does contain anti-nutrients. It is not Paleo at all. However, it is gluten free, so good enough. I did come across this link Traditional Grain Preparation for Better Health. This article talks about how soaking the grains overnight removes the anti-nutrients.Also, soaking them over night allows "good bacteria" like lactobacilli to ferment the grain and break down the anti-nutrients. I don't know how this bread was prepared, but for making Ethiopian Injera (made from Teff), the grains are mixed with a starter to sour it, thus accomplishing the same thing. It also talked about soaking oatmeal to deactivate the anti-nutrients. I plan on bringing oatmeal back in my life, I've missed it!
I will be off the grid for a few days. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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