Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Awesome Recipe

     I have had Orange-Cranberry muffins before and I found them revolting, So I don't know why I made this recipe. Maybe, because I have a ton of frozen cranberries and I don't know what to do with them. I went and bought orange juice concentrate that I have never bought in my entire adulthood and I used my cranberries in the freezer, skipped the almonds and used walnuts. These taste so good. Maybe, it's the almond/coconut flour combo instead of wheat flour that makes them so good. I'm not sure, but they taste great. I omitted the sugar the recipe asked  for, because the OJ concentrate is very sweet. You can get this recipe from ThePaleoMom. (:
  I made these because I am super stressed about applying to my dietetic internship. It was really stressful to set up all my rotations and now I have to put all the paperwork together and send off my application. I am terrified of not getting matched. If you don't know about the dietetic internship, basically you can get a degree or 2 or 3 in nutrition, but you cannot be a Registered Dietitian without completing a one year internship. Space is very limited. When I started school, they told me 50% chance. It seemed okay,  if you are at the top of your class. However, in lovely Colorado, there are even less internships and if you want to stay here, the chance is like 3%.
     There is an option called Distance Internships, where you have to set up all your rotations yourself and then you can apply to more programs (still not all of them, because it depends on who has contracts with who). Now, you'd think  this would increase your chances; however, every other student who graduated from one of Colorado's 5 nutrition programs knows that this is the only way to go if you're not leaving the state, and they are all setting up rotations and applying to these programs as well.
Match day is April 6th and I am so anxious about when I go online to see if I am rejected or not. I feel it is such a game of chance. I have a strong application, I set up all my rotations, but so did everyone else and the space is so limited. 30 spots outa 120 applicants for one of my internships?!
Let me go stress eat some muffins now.
BTW, the sour cranberries (which I usually detest) taste great with the orange juice sweetened cake. I think the problem with other cranberry muffins is the cake is way sweeter and that just makes the cranberries taste that much sourer...not sure if that's a real word.


  1. These look yummy! And, good luck with your internship!...waiting would definitely be hard!

    1. Thanks! I have until April to be anxious about it (: