Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chopped Liver

I am back! I had the best 6 days in Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at the Westin Lagunamar and it had the nicest pool ever. The beach was perfect and the weather was warm. At that time Colorado was in the below zero range, so great time to escape.
A dolphin swimming by at Xel-Ha

This is what I swim in, a burquini, the best invention ever

 P.S. I don't get sunburned

For real, I noticed so much sunburn. Ladies, it is not cute to be burnt as red as a lobster. Put on some sunscreen or a shirt. It was hard to keep my kids from getting burned. Coming from Colorado, they had no tan so they weren't ready for sun. We went through all our sunscreen and by the end we were putting Desitin , yes Desitin (it's zinc oxide) on their noses. We are all very tan now ;).

I am sick of tortillas and cheese, so it's time to eat some healthier food again. I am trying to eat more nutrient dense food and according to Chris Kresser, who wrote a really nice book, Your Personal Paleo Code, liver is the most nutrient dense food. Now, I've been hearing in the Paleo blog world about organ meats for a while and I do eat some of these. The general reaction when I mention organ meats is, "Oh my God, yuck" or something along those lines. But, don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I cook lamb head once a week, in the crock pot for about 16 hours with onions and salt and pepper. (you won't find that in a easy-made crock pot recipes book ;) I like the brain and the tongue. I have had BBQ'ed kidney and heart, and they weren't bad either. However, I didn't like liver. So I made some liver and onions for breakfast (that's the only way I have ever heard of how to eat this) It's not bad but the taste is something to get used to. I don't think I could ever get the kids to eat this.

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