Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perfect Riding Boots

That's what I imagined my lessons would be like

I bought an Amazon Local deal for horse back riding lessons. I've been on trail rides and wanted to actually know how to ride. However, the main thing that I kept thinking about was riding boots. I see high boots all the time at the store and the same things always happens. I try them on and I can't get them over my calf or I can't zip them up. I leave the store depressed. Now, I never thought my calves were fat. In fact, I would say they weren't fat at all. So what's the deal?
We had to wear riding boots to this horse back riding deal and the thought of renting their boots and not being able to fit into them was weighing on me and pissing me off. I thought there has to be a boot for wide calves. I mean we have wide width shoes, right?
I did a little google and came across Brittany,Herself. In this blog, she did a whole page on wide calf boots.  (It's a real thing) And, she looked really good in them. I looked up the brands she recommended, but at this point I wouldn't have time to order online. They better sell some fat calf boots in the store. The Kohl's website showed they carried them in the store. I went there and they had one pair of boots that could accommodate a wide calf with a second zipper? They weren't really riding boots so I said no.
Then I found the LC. Lauren Conrad riding boots and I tried them on and they fit! These weren't even wide calf. So, I bought them and I love them .

LC Lauren Conrad riding boots at KOHL'S

Now, my next problem was "skinny" jeans. As the name implies, they are made for "skinny" people. My skinny friend who was going riding with me said to me in our discussion of riding boots, "Don't you have skinny jeans to wear with them". No my dear, No. Skinny jeans are for skinny people. I am not those people. More of why I love Lauren Conrad at KOHL's. She has a pair of jeans called L.C. Pencil Jeans. I don't know what the hell that means, or what makes them different from skinny jeans. I just know that when I put them on they fit and I didn't look like a large ass with feet. They looked good. So I bought them.The Hills was my favorite guilty pleasure back in the day, but now L.C. came back into my life and made my day. (:

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