Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kicking Butt and Paleo Recipes

My group training is over until January 8th! I don't know what to do now. We have been doing TRX and circuits that have been killer. TRX are these cables hanging from a bar that you can put your feet in or hang on to and take traditional exercises to an "excruciating" other level. It never fails to make me sore. Inclined push-up,  I look a lot like the T-Rex trying to do that. So what to do for exercise during these 4 weeks off!
I'm going to do workouts from The Ancestral Body E-book, which you can get from the link. I like these workouts because they are quick and don't need equipment. They are burpees, push-up and planks in a dozen different ways that  I couldn't even imagine.  I will also be going to Core Power Yoga when I can get a babysitter, because they don't have daycare :( And I will be tackling the TRX on my own. Trying to do a 5 minute plank, which makes you hate your life immensely for those 5 minutes, but it will give 6-pack abs under your flab.
Along the lines of Paleo recipes, I am having extreme issues trying to find things to make to eat. I don't feel like eating all day (when you don't eat sugar anymore you kinda give up, lets have eggs and carrots yay!, no) Until I am hungry and then I want to eat, but don't have time to cook. Another issues is because of salicylate intolerance/allergy/makes me vomit whatever the freaking name is, I cannot eat a lot of spices. I like Thai and Indian curries and apparently so does the rest of the Paleo Community. All the recipes I find on NomNomPaleo are full of thes spices I am forbidden :(. I'm trying to change things up so I bought some goat stew meat. So far I have it slowcooking in the crock pot. I went to Nom Nom Paleo to find a lamb or goat stew. I really like the Rogan Josh lamb stew. The recipe actually comes from The clothes make the girl, so I found a new blog! And she happens to be doing a giveaway today, maybe I'll win! I never win anything. Anyway. I cannot use turmeric or cumin. Ginger is also suspect for me because once I ate a lot of ginger jam and I was incapacitated for the next day. I thought I just had the flu, but more ginger jam later and salicylate education, I now know the ginger made me sick. However, that was a lot of ginger. Will a tsp dry in a whole pot be a problem? I'm gonna use cardamom, ginger, don't have paprika, chili powder (that makes my nose run, probably should skip it but I don't want to) salt, and then of course the garlic, onions, coconut milk. I don't know about the carrots. Cooked carrots give me and my 8 year old daughter stomach pain... Let's see how this taste.
Last night, I made meat balls, cauliflower soup and butternut squash. I liked it all but my husband said the food didn't go together. I kinda agree. The meatballs didn't match. But I needed a protein and meatballs are fast to make. Not like lamb or goat that needs to cook all day. Even chicken. Whole chicken needs 1.5-2 hours. I also went shopping, spent all my money on groceries and I want to use what I have. I think cauliflower would go good with the rogan josh but I'm not going back to the store this weekend.
I need some ideas for how to come up with dinner. I think I have reached a recipe burn-out.

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