Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snow Day

So we got some snow and its cold. This really makes me want to get on a plane and fly to a beach. Any beach. I know people think the snow is cozy; I used to be one of them. Now, it just freaks me out driving in it. I took my kids to school and I slid last year and crashed my car that I had only had for a month. (kids were not in the car when this happened) So, my husbands fancy sports car cannot handle the snow (good choice for Colorado) So I drove him to work. I slid on the way home, was able to stop, so no crash. But this still really freaked me out.
That being said, I didn't go to the gym. But I have been in gym clothes all morning because I intend to do Yoga here at home. After boot camp yesterday, I need some Yoga. Actually my real plan was to organize my closet with this extra time. (: yeah that didn't happen. I just need to hire the organizer like I've been wanting to. Yeah, that will never happen either. Who am I kidding?
In the spirit of trying to be cozy I included a picture of my fat fasting coffee. What is fat fasting? I am reading the scholarly articles written about it to explain it better, but let me just say it works. However, I have this coffee without fat fasting. Great for weight loss when you are in ketosis (fat burning metabolism).
It is basically just a nice brewed coffee to the strength you prefer (decaf so that it is low salicylate for me). I add some cocoa powder or in this case some crushed cinnamon stick and cloves like a 1 tsp, to the coffee when it brews.  I then whip some heavy cream, without sugar. I add some cream to the coffee, top it with a dollop of whipped cream and then grate some 88% dark chocolate on the top to look pretty.
I don't even miss the sugar anymore. In fact, I like the taste so much I prefer it this way (:

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