Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On Wings of Song

This is my old piano book from when I was a kid. It belonged to my grandmother. Now that I have this book back, I want to play my old favorite On Wings of Song. I can play half of it from memory and it's so strange how my fingers remember those cords so well, without even thinking. Now, I am trying to learn the left hand for the whole song (I still know the right hand not the left).
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We bought a trio of piano books Alfred's All in One Adult Piano. I want to go through all of these, but its hard not to skip ahead. I'll go to the end of book 2 and try and play a song, which I can if I spend enough time. Then, I'll not want to go back to book one to learn all that "technic and theory" this book talks about.
My husband can now play simple songs. He had no background what so ever with learning music and now he can play Jingle Bells. I consider myself his teacher (:

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