Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Salicylic acid, my favorite word!

It really isn't though. I hate this chemical and wish it never existed. Or at least if it has to exist, it would leave me alone. Yesterday, I came across 2 blog posts about this intolerance, even though I was pretty sure I was one of the few people to have ever heard about it, let alone self-diagnose. But, no! There are other "scientist moms" out there who have uncovered the existence of this little chemical that can wreak havoc on certain people's entire body, head to toe.
Now, I want to say that I find it amazing that anyone can narrow down what seems like "allergic" reactions to this chemical that is present in hundred if not thousands of products. I really haven't a clue how many things have it, but its in plants and cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, lotions (how am I to use anti-aging products, I'm gonna look really old), cleaning supplies, etc. I discovered it by getting a "natural" tomato soap to improve my complexion and my complexion got worse. At the same time I was growing tomatoes in the garden and my hands were covered in pin prick like holes all over, where it seems my skin was being eaten away. I went to the doctor for my hands and she prescribed a cortisone. I asked if it could be from the tomato plants and she said no. Well, when I stopped touching the tomato plants, my hands no longer had holes in them. I googled to find the reason why tomato was in the soap? And the reason was the "natural" salicylic acid in it is an acne medicine. Well, that salicylic soap that I would use in the past for acne never worked on me, so I made this connection. I then saw the list of all the fruits and veggies with high amounts of salicylic acid in them and guess what, these are the foods that give me unbearable stomach pain. Some time later with a little more googleing and I found the Ulcerative Colitis/ Salicylate exposure.
    I then found the salicylate senstivity website and saw all the foods and products that were high and low (explained why coffee made me have such a headache and ringing in my ears, I thought I had a brain tumor) and I then went on a no-salicylate bland diet and slowly added things back into my diet to see what I can tolerate and the different way things affect me. For example, mint will not give me stomach pain, but too much, even if it's through the skin in a lotion or oil, will make me nauseous, have a headache, dizzy and wanting to die. But it's not immediate it's about 12 hours later. On the other hand, eating egg plant or zucchini will cause a lot of pain about an hour after eating it. Eating chillies makes my nose water while I eat it.
My daughter will vomit and have bad eczema from these foods.
My skin cleared and my daugther's eczema improved with salicylate free hygiene products from
The other symptoms resolved with a low salicylate diet and a lot of trial and error.
Here are the links to the articles I read yesterday. I think there are more people out there that deal with this issue and don't know about it. Raising awareness that this is real can really changes lives.
The Paleo Mom
S is For Salycilate

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